10 June 2017
The lecture starts at 21:30
The screening starts at 22:00


One of the most talked about movies of its decade, My Night at Maud’s propelled Rohmer’s popularity far beyond France: it was nominated for the Palme d’Or and an Oscar (for Best Foreign Language Film).

This film explores the themes of moral choice, chance and risk, and is based around the famous Pascal’s Wager—a famous argument made by the French philosopher Blaise Pascal and stating that belief in God would bring the believer infinite gains, if God does exist, whereas if he doesn’t, the losses would be moderate. Rohmer stages a similar situation of a moral dilemma on the example of a man’s choice between two women: one, a blond catholic stranger, seems a perfect wife for the main character (Jean-Louis Trintignant), while the other, an emancipated brunette, is seducing him to give in to temptation and forget about his principles in favor of passion.

The screening will be introduced by a lecture delivered by philosopher and film critic, Oleg Goryainov “Éric Rohmer, A Christian Philosopher”, devoted to the Christian, and catholic in particular, motifs in the director’s practice, and Rohmer’s references to Blaise Pascal and Søren Kierkegaard.

My Night at Maud’s

Director Éric Rohmer. France, 1969. 105 minutes.



Oleg Goryainov is an independent researcher. In 2005, he graduated from the Law Faculty of the Samara municipal Nayanova University. In 2008, Goryainov received PhD from the Moscow State Law Academy for his dissertation on Thomas Hobbes’s political philosophy and its influence on the French Enlightenment. Since 2009, he has been writing articles on film for [Translit], Séance, Iskusstvo Kino and other magazines as well as being an editorial board member of the Cineticle online mag. He is the author of two lecture courses on contemporary film theory, “Art under the Threat of Thought” and “The Critique of Critique in Contemporary Art”, which he delivered in spring and autumn 2016 at the Victoria Gallery (Samara, Russia). Goryainov’s research scope includes philosophy and film history, aesthetic theory, and political philosophy.


Tickets are valid for both the lecture and the screening.

The screening is in French, with Russian subtitles.


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