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Screening Kiev/Moscow. Part I and discussion: “Documentary Film: Between Personal and Political”

Garage Screen. Between the Personal and the Political
3 September 2017


On the program’s closing day, Garage Auditorium will be running a screening of the documentary Kiev/Moscow. Part I and a thematic round table discussion “Documentary Film: Between the Personal and the Political” involving documentary filmmakers and researchers in the fields of public history, film, and media.

The speakers will discuss the possible approaches to historic and political material in contemporary documentary filmmaking, the question of a director’s political commitments, and the problem of integrating a personal view into the objective documenting picture—issues raised by the films selected for the Garage Screen. Between the Personal and the Political program. The discussion will touch upon the specificity of working with political themes and historical traumas in contemporary Russian cinema.

The discussion will be preceded by the screening of the first part of the documentary dilogy Kiev/Moscow by Elena Khorina—the collective chronicle of Ukranian mass protests of 2013–2014 that led to the to the change of power in the country, filmed by young Russian and Ukrainian documentary filmmakers.

Kiev/Moscow. Part I

Director Elena Khoreva

Estonia, 2014, 60 minutes



Beata Bubenets—director, author of documentary films: God's Will (2013), Chechen (2015), participant of the documentary project Kiev/Moscow. Part I (2014).

Egor Isaev—researcher of public history and methodology of media, lecturer at media Department, National research University "Higher school of Economics" and Moscow school of social and economic Sciences.

Oxana Moroz—cultural studies researcher, associate Professor in Russian presidential Academy of National Economy and State Service under the President of Russian Federation, head of the master program Media management of the Moscow higher school of Social and Economic Sciences, co-founder of the Office of digital Humanities research CultLook.

Alexander Rastorguev—director, co-author of the documentary project Term (2012–2014), REALNOST.doc (2013–present), Kyiv/Moscow (2014–2015).

Zosia Rodkevich—director, the author of the film My friend Boris Nemtsov (2016), co-director of the films Term. The beginning of a long history (2014), Kyiv/Moscow. Part 1 (2014), Winter go away (2012).

The discussion will be moderated by cultural studies researcher, member of the Public History Laboratory, and Garage's international publishing program coordinator Ekaterina Suverina.


Free admission with advance registration.

The film will be screened in English with Russian subtitles.

The event is accessible to deaf and hard of hearing visitors.


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