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22 June 2017


Marking the seventy-sixth anniversary of the Great Patriotic War, Garage will screen Good-bye Boys!—a film by Mikhail Kalik. This work was banned in the Soviet Union, although it tells a simple story of several young man growing up right on the eve of the war.

Volodya, Vitya, Alik, Inna and Zhenya live in a small resort town and do what any young people of their age do: make friends, fall in love, walk along the seaside, make plans and dream about the future. What makes them different from other teenagers, is the war waiting round the corner for them.

Mikhail Kalik’s film was released in 1964, at the end of the “thaw”, when the hopes of the 1960s youth were beginning to fade away, ruined by a new spin of political repressions and stagnation. The director himself spent several years in camps and prisons during the Stalin era, and in 1971 he migrated to Israel. Afterwards, his films were prohibited in the USSR until perestroika.

Goodbye, Boys! is an adaption of a novel by the Soviet author Mikhail Balter, who himself lived through the war and coauthored the script. It is a coming of age story featuring typical characters (the smart, the funny, and the simple), a striking feeling that youth will last forever, a melancholic soundtrack by then still little-known Mikael Tariverdiev, and favorite actors of those times: the “three comrades” are portrayed by Evgeny Steblov, Mikhail Kononov and Nikolay Dostal, supported by minor roles performed by Evgeny Morgunov, Boris Sichkin and Efim Kopelyan.

Good-bye Boys!

Director Mikhail Kalik. Russia, 1966. 102 min.

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Free admission with advance registration.

The film will be screened in Russian.


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