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10 September 2016


The Russian premiere of the film about the Barbican, a famous residential district of London, one of the clearest examples of the style of the new brutalism.

At the heart of this district is one of the most important cultural institutions in Europe – the Barbican Centre. At the specific request of the Art Gallery of the Barbican Centre, Ila Bêka and Louise Lemoine, internationally known for their unique take on architecture, have settled for a month in the lands of “Barbicania”.

The film, built as a personal diary, recounts on a daily basis all what the directors duo have discovered during their urban trip from the top floors of the towers to the underground levels of the art centre. Through an impressive gallery of portraits, the film draws an intimate human map of the place, immersed in the life of the Barbican Centre and Estate, questioning the durability of this utopia from the 1950s.

Directors Ika Bêka and Louise Lemoine, 90 minutes, France, UK 2014
Special screening in Garage Museum as part of Documentary Film Festival CENTER


Documentary Film Festival CENTER is created by the Documentary Film Center and the Museum of Moscow. It is dedicated to contemporary urban culture and the life of modern society. Films in the program cover various aspects of life in big cities and show how the urban environment evolves due to the emergence of new communities and subcultures, the development of architecture and design and activities of contemporary musicians and artists. It also focuses on the lives of the young generation in the new socio-political circumstances in Europe and America. 

Festival CENTER-2016 presents films which premiered internationally at Sundance, Tribeca, SXSW, Berlin and Venice Film Festivals. All of the films are Russian premieres.

The main programme will take place at Documentary Film Center; parallel venues are Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and New Holland Island (Saint-Petersburg).


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