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RSL Slam (poetry slams in Russian Sign Language) at Garage

“Did You Have a Good Time?” Vremena Goda Café since 1968
9 June – 4 August 2018


As part of the project Did You Have a Good Time? Vremena Goda Café Since 1968, Garage presents a series of RSL slams, inviting visitors to take part in a literary show in sign language.

A poetry slam combines elements of performance, literature, competition and audience engagement. Slams are quite popular in the deaf community.

ASL SLAM movement in the United States has been organizing poetry slams in American Sign Language for over 10 years, offering participants an opportunity to overcome the limitations of sign language in daily life. By using images and other facilitating tools, participants are able to fully explore the potential of the popular, grassroots tradition of sign language and engage the listeners in the creative poetic collaboration. RSL slam at Garage is the first series of sign-language poetry slams in Russia featuring deaf and hard-of-hearing professional actors. Each event will be devoted to some aspects of leisure, creating a holiday, summer mood.


Vadim Nikolayev is a deaf actor. Born in Yaroslavl to a deaf family, he went to a special school for deaf and hard of hearing children in Yaroslavl, and later studied in Paveletskoye town and in school 1406 in Moscow. He graduated in Film and Theatre Acting from the Russian State Special Academy of Arts and currently works at the Mimics and Gesture Theatre.

Igor Strelkin is a hard of hearing actor. He was born in Norilsk, and later moved to Voronezh with his family. During his first years in school, he developed an interest in sign singing and took part in festivals in different cities until he finished school. He graduated in Film and Theatre Acting from the Russian State Special Academy of Arts and made it to the top 50 in Tantsuy dance show on the First Channel on Russian television. He currently works in three theatres, tours across Russia and Europe and teaches Visual Vernacular.

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