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Round table. People with developmental and learning disabilities in the museum and theater: participation and interaction

22 October 2017


Choreographers, educators, contemporary theater and dance managers, specialists in psychology, and museum experts working with the disabled will discuss the border between art and therapy, and share their experiences of project development involving amateurs along with professional actors and dancers with developmental and learning disabilities.

The round table resumes a series of initiatives in a hugely important field for Garage—that of engaging audiences with developmental and learning disabilities. In September 2017, Garage’s annual training program Experiencing the Museum was based around the adaptation of data and museum space for visitors with disabilities, and the preparation of special programs aimed at such audiences.

During the round table the speakers will raise some other crucial questions: how, along with encouraging people with disabilities to participate, to build the very process of interaction on the idea of inclusiveness; what the positive outcomes of such involvement may be; and why engaging visitors with disabilities is gaining importance for museums, theaters, and other organizations in the sphere of arts and culture.

Discussion initiator Alyona Papina, curator of additional programs at the TsEKh Center for Contemporary Dance and Performance




Maria Sarycheva, moderator, Garage Museum Inclusive Programs curator





Elena Popova, theater historian, Ph.D. fellow at the Russian Institute of Theater Arts (GITIS). Popova realizes her professional interests at the Krug theatrical studio where she works as an educator, director, and project manager. Over the past twelve years she has worked with children and young people with disabilities, having organized the All-Russian festival of special theaters “Proteatr”; the festival “Proteatr. International Meetings”; the international summer school for special theaters and art rehabilitation “Theatre & Art & Rehabilitation” (Greece). Curator of the long-term program Open Museum for Everyone.



Viktoria Hrenova, actress at the Krug integrated theatrical studio, volunteer at the All-Russian festival of special theaters “Proteatr” and the “Proteatr. International Meetings” festival. Graduate of the program “Clinical, psychological and pedagogical bases of rehabilitation through creative activities (theater arts)” of the Moscow State University of Psychology and Education. Director of medical and educational programs at the regional public charity organization Operatsiya Ulybka (“Operation Smile”).



Anastasia Pingacheva, clinical psychologist and psychology teacher and medical psychologist at the Serbsky Federal Medical Research Center of Psychiatry and Narcology. Actress at the Krug integrated theatrical studio, volunteer at the All-Russian festival of special theaters “Proteatr” and the “Proteatr. International Meetings” festival.




Nargis Abdullaeva, director, educator and actress at the Krug II integrated theatrical studio. Graduate of the studio school of drama of Mark Weil’s Ilkhom Theater (Tashkent, Uzbekistan). Actress at Teatr.doc, she also collaborates with the Moscow Puppet Theater and the Snark Children’s Theater. Director of the spectacles Light under the Water and Sufi Motifs. Along with social and drama theater, Abdullaeva is involved in contemporary dance projects. Together with choreographer Tatyana Konovalova, she is currently working on a spectacle at the State Philharmonic of the Tyva Republic.



Tatyana Konovalova, dance artist, graduate of the Moscow Sate Institute of Culture and Arts and the Masters program “Artistic practices of contemporary dance” of the Vaganov Russian Ballet Academy, received her Ph.D. for the dissertation “The influence of inclusive dance on the motor patterns of people with disabilities”. Educator-choreographer at the Krug II integrated theatrical studio, where in 2017, she co-directed the Sufi Motifs spectacle together with Nargis Abdullaeva. Works with children’s dance collectives. Since 2013, she has been involved in various projects as a dancer and performer.



Nika Parhomovskaya, theatrical critic and producer. Graduate of the Cherkasov Russian State Institute of Scenic Arts (formerly, SPbGATI) and the “School of the Theater Leader”. Author of multiple articles published in professional and informational mass media, and a cycle of lectures devoted to social theater and creative interaction with the disabled. In 2013, she curated the Moscow city festival of creativity for children with disabilities. Producer of the inaugurate Russian inclusive musical Pyat Zolotykh. Artistic director of the long-term socio-cultural project Kvartira (“Apartment”), involving, along with professional actors, people with autism spectrum disorders—the students of the Anton Tut Ryadom (“Anton Right Here”) Center for People with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Curator of the first inclusive residence of the Union of the Theater Workers of the Russian Federation.


Darya Plokhova, dance artist, contemporary dance teacher, co-founder of the dance cooperative Isadorino Gore. Graduate of the Masters program on the composition of contemporary forms of dance at the Vaganov Russian Ballet Academy. Since 2012, together with Aleksandra Portyannikova, she has developed and realized more than twenty dance projects. In 2017, Plokhova was one of the choreographers of the spectacle PROdvizhenie. The Blue Bird, which engaged members of the Yaroslavl regional public organization for people with disabilities Litsom k Miru (“Face to the World”).



Yana Norina, psychotherapist, dance therapist, choreographer. Author of a number of dance projects. In 2014 she received a grant from the ZIL Culture Center for staging the inclusive dance spectacle On_Choice_Off and the preparation of the dance/ movement training program for people with developmental and learning disabilities Ya v Tantse (“Me in Dance”). Norina teaches improvisation and free dance for audiences of all ages.



Sergey Fursov, Ph.D., speech-pathologist, teacher at the charity foundation “Downside Up”. Founder and director of the inclusive studio “Dancing Home”. Specialist in motor skills development of children with disabilities. Expert of the international dance movement. Author of various techniques and methodologies of working with special artists in a creative collective. Winner of international competitions and festivals.



Polina Zolotova, art historian. Graduate of the History Faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Head of Department of Popularization of Art at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art (MMoMA). Coordinator of Children’s, Volunteers’ and Inclusive Programs at MMoMA. Co-curator of the exhibition and festival PLAYMMOMA. Play with a Modern Museum! Author of the course “Contemporary Russian Art” developed for the project Universarium. Lecturer at the project Synchronization. First-rate Audio Description Commentator.


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