Round table discussion. Museum Experiments or Experimenting in a Museum. How Science Art Has Changed Cultural Institutions


From 3 October 2016




Garage Auditorium


Art theorists, practitioners, curators, and Garage grant recipients will discuss possible relations between science-based art and museums.

The term science art is currently applied to a vast variety of trends and movements in contemporary art. A technically and methodologically complex phenomenon, it develops together with science and technology and is hard to institutionalise or conceptualise in terms of traditional art history.

Nevertheless, interdisciplinary practices are gaining popularity among a growing number of artists, curators and academics. The round table discussion will look at the points of intersection between exhibition strategies and advanced technology, and the status of artists working with science and technology. The future of science art and its possible inclusion into museums’ exhibition and education programs will also be discussed.

Participants of the roundtable will discuss the results of Garage’s 2016/17 program in support of emerging artists. In 2016, as part of its collaboration with SDV Arts & Science Foundation, Garage has expanded the program to include an Art and Technology section, to support artists and artist groups working with information and engineering technologies and in the field of science. Grant recipients will be awarded a monthly fellowship of 30,000 rubles for a year as well as a two-week residency at the SDVentures office in Riga, where they will be invited to exchange ideas and skills with the company’s IT engineers.


  • Anton Belov, Director, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art;
  • Dmitry Volkov, Co-Founder, SDVentures and SDV Arts & Science Foundation;
  • Ekaterina Inozemtseva, International Programs Curator, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art;
  • Olga Shishko, Head of cinema and media art department, The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts;
  • Dmitry ::vtol:: Morozov, artist;
  • Dmitry Galkin, contemporary art theorist;
  • Darya Parkhomenko, founder, curator, LABORATORIA Art&Science Space
  • Natalya Fuchs, art historian, new media researcher, curator of "Polytech.Science.Art: Nauka.Iskusstvo.Tehnologii" programs and exhibitions, The Polytechnic Museum;;
  • Olga Vad, special projects curator, The Polytechnic Museum;
  • Sergey Kasich, artist;
  • Natalya Egorova, artist;
  • Ippolit Markelov, artist;
  • Ilya Fedotov-Fedorov, artist;
  • Yulia Borovaya, artist, co-founder at Laboratory of science art SAVE;
  • Eduard Rakhmanov, scientist, co-founder at Laboratory of
    science art SAVE;
  • Joe Davis, artist;
  • Ildar Yakubov, artist