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23 June 2020


Representatives of Moscow’s cultural institutions will discuss the integration of contemporary dance into programs and speak about the development of a support system for the art form.

What place does contemporary dance hold in the programs of Russian cultural institutions? Who curates those events, and how? How is working with contemporary dance different from working with theatre, music, painting, and sculpture? How can a system of support for contemporary dance be created in Russia? Could it be based on the co-production of works or other forms of institutional cooperation? Discussing these and other questions are representatives of Russian institutions that schedule contemporary dance events most often.

Moderator: Dina Khuseyn

Participants: Ekaterina Alekseenko, Ksenia Golybzhina, Kristina Matvienko, Anastasia Mityushina, Sara Tokina, Olga Tsvetkova, Svetlana Romanova


Dina Khuseyn is a choreographer and dance activist. She graduated in Ballet from the Choreographic Lyceum (Moscow), Dance Academy Rotterdam, and EX.E.R.CE program in experimental choreography (France) under tutor Mathilde Monnier. Since 2005, Khuseyn has been producing works in the realm of contemporary dance, performance, and contemporary art. Often involved in collaborations with artists, directors and theorists, she also initiates her own platforms, festivals, and research projects. Recipient of scholarships from Jardin d’Europe, DanceWEB, and American Dance Festival. She has worked with renowned choreographers as a dancer, including Tino Sehgal, Loïc Touzé, Anouk van Dijk, Philippe Jamet, Regis Obadia, etc. Her own pieces have participated in many European, American, and Russian dance festivals. Based in France since 2009, Khuseyn visits Moscow while working on projects there.

Ekaterina Alekseenko is the CEO at Meyerhold Center in Moscow. She has previously worked at TSEKH Contemporary Dance Center, where she oversaw several projects, including the festival, the summer school, and Aktovy Zal—Moscow’s first independent space for contemporary dance and performance. She is currently the curator of the international festival of performance and contemporary theatre NONAME at Meyerhold Center.

Ksenia Golybzhina is the manager, ballet master, and director of the contemporary dance company at the Innovative Theatre of Kaluga Ballet. She directed the Claus.True.Phobia (2018) ballet, which was longlisted for the Golden Mask theatre prize in 2019. She is an invited choreographer at Kaluga Region Drama Theatre, as well as the head of the region’s creative and social organization Dance Culture Theatre. She has curated several dance projects.

Anastasia Mityushina is an art historian, curator of the public program at Garage.

Kristina Matvienko is a theatre historian and critic, curator at the School of Contemporary Viewer and Listener at Stanislavsky Electrotheatre. She wrote a thesis on the “cinemafication” of theatre and co-runs the Master’s program Social Theatre at the Russian Institute of Theatre Arts GITIS with Elena Kovalskaya.

Svetlana Romanova is a prima ballerina of the Kremlin Ballet, Distinguished Artist of Russia, winner of Benois de la Danse Prize. Upon her graduation from the Moscow State Academy of Choreography (Sofia Golovkina class) in 1984, she joined the Bolshoi Theatre of Belarus. In 1990, she was invited to the newly established Kremlin Ballet, where she worked under People’s Artists of the Soviet Union Ekaterina Maximova and Vladimir Vasiliev. She graduated from the teacher training program at the Moscow State Academy of Choreography in 2010 and subsequently completed several levels at Pilates Institute Russia. She is a teacher and director at the project Les Saisons Russes of XXI Century run by Andris Liepa. She has been the artistic director of the dance studio at the ZIL Culture Centre since 2013.

Olga Tsvetkova is a choreographer, performer, and curator. She studied choreography and performance-making in the field of contemporary dance at the School for New Dance Development (SNDO, Amsterdam). In 2016 and 2017, she was a resident of the Dansateliers dance space (Rotterdam). In 2017, Tsvetkova completed the DAS Theatre master’s program in Directing (Academy of Theatre and Dance, Amsterdam). She received the DANCEWEB scholarship (Vienna). Since 2018, she has been curating Contemporary Dance at V-A-C Foundation (Moscow).

Sara Tokina is a producer at the New Space of the State Theatre of Nations, head of external communications at Okko Theatre. She has managed international programs at the theatre festivals NET, Golden Mask, Stanislavsky Season, Tolstoy Weekend, and Meyerhold Meetings, headed and curated creative projects at the Theatre Leader School at Meyerhold Center. As an independent producer, she has collaborated with Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theatre, Impresario Production Studio, and Stanislavsky Electrotheatre.

how to take part

The event is free and will be broadcast on YouTube.

The discussion will be in French and interpreted into Russian.


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