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27 July – 15 August 2021


In one country, a well-known businessman is on trial, and the entire population is following the case. Two leading media companies are covering the trial from opposite perspectives. Will you choose silence or struggle?

The game is set by a courthouse where the judge is expected to pass a verdict           in the case of a famous businessman Aleks Guchip. There are a number of serious charges against him that he denies. No journalists, family, or members of the public have been allowed into the courtroom. It seems that the entire nation is awaiting the verdict, split into two camps: some believe the businessman is innocent, others are convinced he is guilty.

Players will witness the outcome of this important case and might even influence the judge’s decision. Guided by the information they have been given, their personal interests, and moral beliefs, each participant needs to make a decision. Will you choose truth over fear?


Ekaterina Savkina (b. 1996, Moscow) is an RPG maker, teacher, and curator of education programs. She develops role-playing games for an international summer school and is working on a project focused on creating RPG for couples. She has participated in the development of education projects Casablanca (Morocco) and Tuy Hòa (Vietnam). She lives and works in Moscow.


Free admission with advance registration.

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