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Recycle Day—a special project co-organized by UNIQLO, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, and HSE Art and Design School

16 November 2019


Recycle Day—an event organized together with UNIQLO and HSE Art and Design School to address the issues of sustainable development and clothing reuse, will take place at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art for the second year running.

As part of the Museum’s strategic partnership with UNIQLO, Recycle Day will be held for the second year in row at Garage. In alignment with UNIQLO’s mission—to improve the life of each individual, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art participates in the UNIQLO RECYCLE campaign dedicated to the collection of clothes from customers for further distribution to people in need. Joining this global UNIQLO initiative for the third consecutive time will be HSE Art and Design School, whose students will develop projects promoting the ethics of sustainable fashion, including collections created using UNIQLO garments donated during the campaign that are not subject to further distribution among people in need.

The Recycle Day program comprises the presentation of a joint project by UNIQLO and HSE Art and Design School; visitors are also invited to join in our guided tours around the show The Coming World: Ecology as the New Politics 2030–2100 exposing the environmental agenda as one of the main political questions and allowing visitors to see it from a new perspective.

The discussion “From Private Initiatives to the Shaping of a Community” and the workshop Ekaterina Egorova, co-founder of the Zero Waste Shop of non-packed products will run in the afternoon, while concluding Recycle Day will be the screening of a documentary film about the problem of environmental pollution.



Free entrance.

Guided tours, the discussion, workshop and film screening require advance registration.

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