Real-Life Puppet Show: Breaking Boundaries in Jan Švankmajer’s Cinematography. Anton Dolin


From 20 July 2013




As a theorist and practitioner of ‘Second-wave’ Surrealism, Jan Švankmajer has always been an outsider to the world of cinema. In his films, Švankmajer has animated organic materials, brought everyday objects to life and freed puppets from their strings. A follower of Giuseppe Arcimboldo, Lewis Carroll and the Marquis de Sade – as well as a meticulous craftsman – Švankmajer has continued to transgress the boundaries of his genre, showing a disregard for traditional styles and schools. In this talk, Anton Dolin – a film critic and scholar of Švankmajer’s work – will present the artist’s extraordinary history and the philosophy behind his powerful films.

Anton Dolin (born 1976) – renowned film critic, radio and TV host, author, published in various print media as well as on “” and “”. He is the author of four books on modern cinema. Anton is the honoree of three awards by the Guild of film critics, as well as the winner of “Triumph” youth award.