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Reading group for deaf and hard of hearing visitors at Garage Library

16 June – 7 July 2019


Garage Library launches the first reading group for deaf and hard of hearing visitors that will focus on key issues of contemporary art and culture.

The subject of the inaugural reading group is surrealism, an avant-garde art movement with a five-decade history, which shaped a new worldview that has had a significant impact on contemporary art.

Members of the group will read and analyze Desmond Morris’ book The Lives of the Surrealists, translated to Russian as part of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art’s joint publishing program with Ad Marginem Press. This work will help to explain the principles of the intersections between art and free play of the imagination and answer the question of how artists’ personal biographies infuse their philosophies and creative practices.

Participants will work individually, by reading the suggested texts ahead of each meeting, and collectively by discussing what they have read with moderator and Russian Sign Language speaker Mikhail Veselov.

All materials will be provided by Garage Library.



Mikhail Veselov is editor-in-chief of the newspaper Mir Glukhih (The World of the Deaf) and a deaf guide who conducts guided tours of exhibitions at the Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, the Institute of Russian Realist Art.



Please register in advance by sending a message to +7 903 625 86 15 or deaf@garagemca.org.

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