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The podcast of the second season of Station Radio is about how sound art works with the themes of history, the past, and memory.

This season examines issues raised by the World Gone By Computer Class and Garage Digital. Each episode of the podcast explores subjects covered by the musicians in their works: thinking about the “world gone by,” the complex nature of memory and its mutations, how history is written and what remains on the sidelines.

Season curator Evgeny Bylina looks at the techniques of sound art and the ideas behind it through the prism of cultural studies.

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Evgeny Bylina is an art theorist, researcher into contemporary music and audio culture, and musician. He is the curator of and a lecturer on the Master’s program Sound Art & Sound Studies in the School of Design at the Higher School of Economics. He is the editor of the series History of Sound from the publisher New Literary Review (Novoe literaturnoe obozrenie). He is curator of the concert series Music for the End of the World (Moscow) and the author of articles in periodicals and academic journals.