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Public talk by Anna Bashtovaya and Yulia Vydolob. From space to the city: how we loved uniform

Fashion of the Future: a joint film screening program of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art and FARFETCH


Before the screening of Richard Viktorov's film about an alien who found love in the Soviet Union, costume designer Anna Bashtovaya and chief editor of The Blueprint Julia Vydolob will talk about what to wear when going to space.

Space uniforms are surprisingly closely related to the current urban fashion: utilitarian, technological, and androgynous. Anna Bashtovaya will talk about how modern townspeople loved work clothes and uniforms, and how the cosmic future became real.


Julia Vydolob—editor-in-chief of the independent publication The Blueprint. Worked as fashion editor for the website Look At Me and as a reviewer of the "Clothes" section of Afisha magazine. She has been a writer for VOGUE Russia, Harper's Bazaar and GQ magazines.

Anna Bashtovaya is a costume designer, stylist, and historian of the film costume. She was the editor-in-chief of and

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