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Public Talk: Alison O'Daniel and Vlad Kolesnikov

Infinite Ear
11 June 2018


The hard of hearing artist Alison O'Daniel and inclusive programs expert Vlad Kolesnikov will discuss the multiple phenomena of sound perception by deaf people, as part of the Infinite Ear project.

O'Daniel and Kolesnikov met while working on Infinite Ear, a project which explores the numerous ways in which sound can be perceived by deaf and hearing people. They will discuss how O’Daniel’s work uses various approaches to understanding deafness and its relationship to hearing culture, and how museums can develop inclusive programs in order to make exhibitions accessible to the widest possible audience.


Alison O’Daniel (b. 1979, Miami, USA) is an artist working across film, sculpture, performance, and music. She aims to examine the politics of production, representation, and reception regarding sound and acts of listening. Alison’s work has been presented in solo exhibitions at Samuel Freeman Gallery (Los Angeles), Centre d’Art Contemporain Passerelle (Brest, France) and Art In General (NYC) in March 2016. Alison lives and works in Los Angeles.

Vlad Kolesnikov is a teacher and sign language interpreter with a Master’s Degree in Special Pedagogy. He is a former manager of Inclusive Programs at Garage.


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