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Program of workshops: Marcel Broodthaers Moscow Museum of Digital Art (MBMM)

Public program accompanying the exhibition Marcel Broodthaers. Poetry and images
26 October – 9 December 2018


This series of twelve interactive workshops is dedicated to Marcel Broodthaers’ practice and its conceptual implications. The participants will create their own artworks in the form of homages or transmedia translations of pieces originally created by the Belgian artist.

The program’s structure is a reference to the most famous, and ironic, project by Marcel Broodthaers—Museum of Modern Art, Department of Eagles. All workshops are named after the departments of Marcel Broodthaers Moscow Museum of Digital Art—an imaginary museum invented by Garage, with all the artworks executed by the participants becoming part of its collection.

The project would be of interest for those who are fond of linguistic art. We welcome English and French speaking participants, as well as connoisseurs of French and/or Belgian poetry and literature. Detailed information regarding terms of participation can be found in the announcements of each workshop.


Natalia Fyodorova is an art and literature theorist, teacher at St Petersburg State University, researcher of linguistic media art, and curator of Media Poetry Festival 101.

Ekaterina Sokolovskaya is an artist and curator.

Serafima Tomoshevskaya is a young theatre and film director, an artist, researcher of contemporary dance and scenic movement.

Ilmira Bolotyan, Candidate of Philology, is an artist and curator, participant of multiple exhibitions in Russia and abroad. 

Yan Vygovsky is a poet and critic. Graduate of Maxim Gorky Literature Institute, he has published his poetry in the Internet, while also writing reviews for the magazines Znamya, Vozdukh and The New Literary Review. Vygovsky is co-curator of literary readings and discussions, author of the section dedicated to contemporary literature in the Discourse magazine. Author of the poetry book/object Ranit odnogo, zadenet vseh (2018).

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