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Presentation of projects by members of Garage UP! club members

10 April 2021


Deaf and hearing members of Garage UP! teens club take over the Museum and welcome everyone to join in the presentation of their final projects.

Launched in fall 2020, Garage UP! is the Museum's six-month-long project for teenagers aged 14 to 18 years, bringing together deaf children and hearing children of deaf parents. Together with museum educators, the participants explored exhibitions and got acquainted with museum work and professions within the art world.

Over the course of collective work, the group outlined shared values and got to know each other better, all this reflected in the thematic projects they developed intending to "leave a mark" in the history of Garage: for a single day, the guys will "occupy" Garage to speak out about what worries them.

On this day, Garage UP! members will deliver non-boring art mediation introducing their projects, create an interactive installation in the Kids' Studio while also running lectures and masterclasses.


Anna Grigoryan (b. 2008, Moscow), CODA (a hearing child of deaf parents), is a student at school #2120. She studies singing and acting and is a school activist. Her hobbies include singing and dancing.

Taisia Lebedeva (b. 2007, Moscow), CODA (child of deaf adults), is a student at secondary school #283, structural subdivision 1. She is fond of music, art make-up, dancing, and singing. Her hobbies include: art make-up, literature, and art.

Polina Khait (b. 2008, Dmitrov) is a deaf student of the state-funded educational institution school #1529. She enjoys snowboarding, and her hobby is drawing.

Arseniy Andryukhin (b. 2007, Tula) is a hard-of-hearing pupil of the special boarding school for deaf children (SKOSHI) #30. He enjoys taekwondo and curling. His hobby is anime.

Kirill Komarovsky (b. 2003, Belgorod) is a hard-of-hearing pupil of Lyceum #1501 (22). His hobbies include drawing, maths, games, and wood carving.

Gleb Polev (b. 2002, Moscow) is a deaf pupil of the special boarding school for deaf children (SKOSHI) #30, where he is a member of the educational committee. His hobbies include computer games and collecting old coins.

Danila Chetverikov (b. 2003, Stary Oskol) is a deaf pupil of the special boarding school for deaf children (SKOSHI) #52. He enjoys swimming and mountain skiing. His hobbies include reading books, lettering, and watching TV shows and films.

Stefania Ivanova (b. 2006, Moscow) is a hard-of-hearing pupil who has been in love with horses since childhood. Along with horse riding, she plays tennis and enjoys reading books.

Arseny Savchenko (b. 2007, Moscow) is a pupil of the special boarding school for deaf children (SKOSHI) #30. He enjoys swimming. His hobby is exploring different computer components and quadcopters.

Diana Safonova (b. 2004, Moscow) is a deaf student at College of Small Business #4. She enjoys track and field athletics and attends classes on creating works of art and design. Diana’s other hobbies include music, studying quotes and aphorisms, and helping people.

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