We are capable of perceiving only an insignificant part of the information about the environment. The same is true about the digital space. Thousands of code lines of every web-page remain unseen for people because our browser, some sort of a sensory organ, transmits only a part of the information produced by a software engineer, and even then, it is twisted.

Web-spiders go deeper. They perceive information differently. Webs they braid can be presented as graphs with expanding gate signals. Features of every knot are defined by the initial web-page code. These features can be used to define the type of sound of a knot. Without the habit of looking deeper, the only solution is to transform the information into a new, easily understandable format.

The instrument functions with a microcontroller whose metal case contains multiple control devices enabling to regulate its behavior.

Air, vibrations, atmega32u4, aluminum case for wireless electronic devices, potentiometer, rocking switches, LED, arcade buttons.


Vadim Logvinov—RESEARCHCORE resident, preacher of the North Anomaly Church. Experimental musician, synthesizer of synthesizers, dedicated capitalist, awfully religious.