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We already spoke

This work explores the functions of speech through voice messages as an instrument for the documentation of the aural environment of the sender.  It is based on a fifteen-minute recording of a dialogue between the creators in a tramway. By replaying the recording in a different environment, the artists recreate the initial soundscape. The artists record and comment on the fragments and then exchange the messages. Each voice message is played through speakers by the recipient. The procedure is repeated multiple times, and fragments and comments intersect and overlap. Thus, the resulting sound environment reproduces itself.

Every comment supports the previous statement at the same time, creating a distance between the dialogue and the initial subject. These repetitions and the special redistribution of the sound produces an effect of disorientation.

Multichannel sound performance, phones, voice messages.


Aleksander Ilyashenko and Sofya Zamanskaya—students at the British Higher School of Art and Design in Moscow (Photography and Fine Art programs). Their collaborative practice focuses on relations between space and sound. The artists explore these interconnections using multichannel installations with sound as a sculptural element.

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