Premiere. War of Art


From 5 June 2019




Garage Screen summer cinema


A dozen creators from across Europe—from sound artists to painters who use their blood as a medium—go to the North Korean capital to exchange experience with local artists, who greet them with trepidation.

There seems to be no other man in the world that would love North Korea as dearly as Norwegian artist and director Morten Traavik. For his film Liberation Day, which Beat Film Festival screened in Russia in 2017, Traavik went to Pyongyang with Slovenian art band Laibach to organise the first rock concert in the country’s history. For War of Art, he brought a group of contemporary artists from across Europe to North Korea, initiating cultural exchange with the local creatives. One of them draws with his own blood, another makes sounds installations using sounds outside of the human hearing range, another one does art photography—and all of them seem extremely suspicious to Korean artists they meet. This comedy of situation featuring Korean special services, official painters, and schoolgirls, is also an insightful meditation on the dialogue of cultures.

War of Art
Director: Tommy Gulliksen
Norway, Germany, 2019. 102 min. 16+


Beat Film Festival is an international festival of documentaries with a focus on modern culture, founded in 2010. since it began, it has turned into an event of metropolitan scale, which acquaints the audience with the most relevant trends in the world of music, contemporary art, media, street culture, fashion, sport, and innovative technologies.

Its program includes Russian premiers of the most prominent films selected for major international film festivals, parties and special events with directors, musicians, and other representatives of contemporary culture. In 2017, the festival attracted over 21,000 people.


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