Premiere. Searching Eva


From 29 June 2019




Garage Screen summer cinema
Premiere. Searching EvaPremiere. Searching Eva


In a documentary about young artist, model, sex worker, and instagrammer Eva Collé, Pia Hellenthal combines an intimate diary with a portrait of the generation that no longer distinguishes between the private and the public.

Eva is in her early twenties. She has moved to Berlin from a quiet town in Italy to explore her body, be open on social networks, discover new ideas, rebel against stereotypes, and search for her true identity.

Shocking as it might seem, Pia Hellenthal’s documentary is an honest and truthful representation of the life and experiences of today’s young Europeans. Eva likes to call a spade a spade, openly discusses subjects that remain a taboo for others, and shares her most intimate thoughts on the Internet (the web is where Hellenthal found her protagonist). Some would accuse her of exhibitionism, but Collé does not aim to provoke others: she simply has nothing to hide. Searching Eva premiered at the last Berlin Film Festival. Garage is hosting the Moscow premiere of the picture.   

Searching Eva
Director: Pia Hellenthal
Germany, 2019. 85 min. 18+




Standard: 350 RUB
Student: 250 RUB*

 Garage Members: 175 RUB.


Concessions for pensioners, veterans, large families, under 18s, and visitors with disabilities (with one carer): 175 RUB**

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Film will be shown in original language with Russian subtitles.
Screening accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing.

* For students of 18 to 25 years old with student ID
** Please bring proof of eligibility