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Perfumery laboratory for blind, visually impaired, deaf, and hard of hearing visitors

11 April – 30 May 2021
on Sundays, 13:00–16:00


The sense of smell is very important to humans. Almost everything in this world has a scent. Each scent carries particular information, and some can even affect a person's condition.

Developed by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, this is an introductory course for visually impaired and blind, deaf, and hard of hearing people that will acquaint them with the basics of perfumery. Under the guidance of the course host, Pure Sense founder Katya Zinchenko as well as blind perfumers, participants will learn the history of perfumery, find out how to describe fragrances and distinguish between perfume components, break down fragrances into notes, and will even create their own perfumes.

The course is divided into two blocks of three sessions each.The first, theoretical, block comprises lectures designed to acquaint  participants with the history of perfumery and to teach them how to distinguish various fragrances.The second block is practical and will focus on the creation of new fragrances.

The program suits those wishing to try out perfumery.


This course is designed for a group of up to ten people.

Free for disabled visitors (with proof of disability).
The course is available with translation into RSL and an audio description.

Advance registration is required, please e-mail

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