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22 September – 24 November 2013


Saturdays and Sundays, noon to 4 pm
For children aged 5+ and creative adults

During these open workshop classes organized as part of the 1+1=1 exhibition, participants will learn why Baldessari's paintings resemble comic strips, create a piece exclusively using words, and take on Baldessari's role.

Free entrance; no registration required.


John Baldessari’s 1+1=1 Exhibition Open Workshops


October 5–6, 2013


In this workshop we’ll create something new in a similar way to John Baldessari’s experiments – by fusing together two popular artworks from different periods and mixing techniques, styles, and stories.


October 12–13, 2013

Masterpiece from Masterpiece

Imagine if we tried to create new masterpieces by fusing together famous artworks. Could we produce a coherent story by placing Titian’s characters next to Gustav Klimt’s heroines?


October 19–20, 2013

Mood Color Wheel

How do colors and shapes affect our perception? We’ll study the fundamentals of Conceptual art using John Baldessari’s artistic methods.


October 26–27, 2013

Color Accent

Let’s take another look at some popular paintings done in saturated colors and pretend that only certain meaningful details retain their color. What details would they be? What color would you choose? What ornaments would they feature? Why? What would change in the stories depicted?


November 2–3, 2013

Captions to Baldessari

In this session we’ll create meaningful text compositions using letters of varied shapes and sizes and look for letters in nature. We’ll use colored tape for emphasis.


November 9–10, 2013

Attention to Detail

Typically in human perception we see the whole picture but overlook details. Details often only come to light when we take a photograph of something and examine it closely. Let’s create our own details and see how to make them visible.


November 16–17, 2013


The characters in famous paintings reside in a familiar environment created by the artist. Imagine they decided to walk into another artwork. Would they belong there? How would other characters relate to them?


November 23–24, 2013


In this workshop we’ll see how pairing historical paintings with tokens of contemporary culture can tweak their meaning and mood.



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