Open call to apply to participate in the seminar part of the discussion cycle The New Ethics, Stigma, and Inequality


Garage invites its audiences to take part in the seminar series within the cycle The New Ethics, Stigma, and Inequality. Participants will immerse themselves into the study of the new ethics’ pros and cons and discuss which truth each of us adheres to in the post-COVID condition of the year 2020.

Fifteen participants selected through the open call will gather at Garage twice a month to discuss in a chamber format what is good and bad in today’s world. Together with the tutor of the seminar series, they will analyze the past public discussions within the cycle The New Ethics, Stigma, and Inequality, along with studying relevant cases and texts that will be sent a week before each meeting. The acquired skills will help participants to enhance their communication with both colleagues and family members at lunch. The classes will allow those involved to develop critical thinking and a better understanding of some of the new norms.

The cycle of both the public discussions and seminar sessions is inspired by the 2nd Garage Triennial of Russian Contemporary Art, which explores interrelationships between people and communities.


To take part in the seminars, please submit an application using the Google form. Applications will be accepted between August 25 and September 8, with the open call results announced on September 15.

The seminars will take place twice a month on Thursdays, from 19:30 to 21:30, starting September 24. The course will conclude at the end of December.


Zemfira Salamova is a Russian researcher in the field of media and cultural studies, lecturer at HSE University’s School of Philosophy and Cultural Studies, where she is also a postgraduate student. Her academic interests include contemporary popular science, digital media, possibilities and limitations of digital platforms, auditory mediums, and publicity in contemporary culture. She lives and works in Moscow.