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25 May 2020


Writer, Russian Booker Prize winner Peter Aleshkovsky will read live on air an excerpt from his new book Sekretiki.

Sekretiki is a nonfiction coming-of-age story. This is a book about childhood and youth, about growing up during the 1960s and 1970s. Moscow neighborhoods and Soviet school, teenage riots and family secrets, jeans and Beatles vinyl records. The author explores the past and “secrets” put beneath the glass for the time being, remembers his childhood and adolescence, reconstructs the family chronicle of famous historians and art historians—the Zografs – Aleshkovskys – Nedoshivins. “Childhood is our lost paradise, deprived of one of the most important components of time—the past, which imperceptibly but stubbornly fills the storerooms of memory”. Aleshkovsky writes about the generation of “No” boys—his peers who inwardly resisted obeying the existent rules.

The reading is organized as part of the public program of the show Sekretiki: Digging Up Soviet Underground Culture, 1966–1985.


Peter Aleshkovsky (b. 1957, Moscow) is a prose writer, historian, author of multiple books, including Citadel (winner of Russian Booker Prize), Fish: A History of One Migration, and Harlequin. Host of the program The ABC of Reading on Radio Kultura.


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