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Online presentation of Nikolay Malinin’s book The Contemporary Russian Wooden House

18 December 2020


A new book exploring some of the best wooden houses built in Russia over the past twenty years will be presented by the author, along with architectural critics and the architects behind some of the houses featured.

The Contemporary Russian Wooden House by architectural historian Nikolay Malinin features 100 houses, a selection of buildings designed by Totan Kuzembaev, Nikolay Belousov, Alexander Brodsky, Alexey Rosenberg, and other contemporary Russian architects. With a separate chapter on each house, book can be read as a practical guide to building a wooden home. However, most of the houses featured are so original that they are more like artworks rather than a "catalogue of exemplary designs." The chronological arrangement makes The Contemporary Russian Wooden House an original history of the newest Russian architecture, of which the wooden country house is the best representative. This genre provided the answer to the main challenge of the era: how to create something that is both original and contemporary.

Speakers include author Nikolay Malinin; Garage Publishing Program Coordinator Olga Dubitskaya; architect and conservator Olga Sevan, research consultant for the book; architectural critics Elena Gonzalez and Yulia Tarabarina; architects Nikolay Belousov, Totan Kuzembaev, and Alexey Rosenberg; the head of Moscow office of Rosa Rakenne SPb (HONKA), Alexander Lvovsky; and the designer of book, Dmitry Mordvintsev.

The book was produced in partnership with HONKA (Rossa Rakenne SPb).


The event will take place online.
The broadcast will be available on YouTube.

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