The Friendship Garden, an audio project by Olga Grotova

<i>The Friendship Garden</i>, an audio project by Olga Grotova

Visitors to the installation Silence will be able to broaden their visiting experience by listening to an audio work by the Russian-British artist Olga Grotova, who researched the stories of women from different parts of Russia and the former Soviet Republics through the lens of horticultural practices.

The audio version of The Friendship Garden is an adaptation of the poetic text Grotova created during her work as part of the Garage Field Research program for the public program accompanying Silence.

About the artist

Olga Grotova (b. 1986, Chelyabinsk) is an artist. She has a master’s degree in Painting from the Royal College of Art, London (2016). She was a participant of the Wysing Art Center’s Syllabus VI and of the PRAKSIS residency (2019). In 2018, her solo exhibition Debris on a Luminous Plain took place at Centrala (Birmingham, UK). Recent exhibitions include: Our Grandmothers' Gardens (Rencontres d'Arle, 2022); Blue.Seventeen: Olga Grotova, Nika Neelova, and Elena Popova (Osnova Gallery, Moscow (2017); XVII. The Age of Nymphs (Mimosa House, London, 2017); and Fifth Wave (Shchusev State Museum of Architecture, Moscow, 2021). She is a recipient of the Space Artist Award (2021) and the Arts Council of England DYCP Award (2021). In 2022, Grotova received a special mention of the Louis Roederer Discovery Award. She lives and works in London.