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NORM Podcast Live: People, Waste, and the City. How We Can Help the Environment

8 June 2019


Today, more and more people are rejecting plastic bags in favor of paper packaging, but does this solve the problem of environmental pollution? Containers for separated waste collection are being installed in big cities, but not many people know how to sort waste properly. And almost everyone is skeptical about the future of sorted waste and whether it is utilized correctly following the initial stage of separation. The presenters of the NORM podcast, together with their guests, will try to find answers to these and other questions about environmental issues, as well as discussing people’s personal commitment to them.

A package for fruit, a trash bag, and another one for clothes: bags and many other plastic objects serve consumers for less than one hour, but take from 500 to 1,000 years to fully decompose. When burnt in landfill, some disposable bags emit harmful chemicals into the air, while other disposable packages are left in forests, float in rivers, and end up in the world’s oceans.

Most of us have seen photographs of wild animals entangled in fishing lines or old fishing nets, and have heard that the mass of the Great Pacific garbage patch is anywhere from 5,000 to 20,000 tons, according to various estimates. But does knowing all of this prompt us to act?

What ordinary people can do and why it is still not too late to change our consumer habits will be the main subjects covered during the live recording of the NORM podcast at Garage Screen summer cinema.

NORM podcast was launched in 2017 by the journalists Nastya Kurganskaya and Darya Cherkudinova. It is a resource about changes happening in the world and our lives. Each episode is based around an important, delicate or tricky topic, such as friendship, relationships with parents, choosing place to live or a new profession.



Ekaterina Kolchanova, co-founder of the free course on conscious consumption “Teper Tak” (“Now This Way”), founder of the conscious online-shop Osoka Vysokaya, specializing in natural cosmetics, foods, goods for home and lifestyle, all made in Russia with care for humans and the environment.




Nastya Kurganskaya, journalist, co-presenter of the NORM podcast. She previously worked at The Village and Tjournal.





Darya Cherkudinova, journalist, co-presenter of the NORM podcast. Previously worked at Hopes&Fears, The Village, and headed the Internet-magazine about entrepreneurship Sekret Firmy (Firm’s Secret).




Dmitry Nakoryakov, Head of Technical Equipment and Exhibition Execution Department, one of the initiators of Garage Green program of conscious consumption.




Free admission with advance registration.

Please note that the live will be broadcast in Russian without translation to English.


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