Due to the current restrictions, visits to the 2nd Garage Triennial are based on fixed-time tickets. Please purchase tickets online, where you will find information about free time slots.

New Year’s Secrets: Workshops for children and adults

22 December 2019


Garage invites children and adults to celebrate the upcoming New Year holidays by joining in its creative workshops.

Participants will learn how artists of various eras played the game of sekretiki, that is, how they hid and enciphered messages for friends and oftentimes, even artworks. They will also get acquainted with the basics of hidden writing, which is called cryptography, before creating their own “small secrets”—time capsules, Christmas decorations, or postcards with “secret” memos.


Free admission with advance registration.

The event is accessible for visitors with disabilities, deaf, and hard of hearing people. Pedagogues trained in Russian Sign Language will be present at the venue.


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