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Nedoslov Theater Shows at Garage

30–31 August 2018


Deaf and hard of hearing actors will present Nedoslov Theater shows in the space of “Did You Have a Good Time?” Vremena Goda Café since 1968 at Garage.

Russian theater company Nedoslov explores new art forms that can bring hearing and deaf people together in one theater space. Founded in 2003, the project is run by young hearing and deaf professional actors, graduates of Russian State Specialized Academy of Arts.

Nedoslov’s shows at Garage offer viewers an opportunity to learn more about Russian Sign Language, while the actors’ expressive gestures will allow them to get a better idea of physical theatre, which emphasizes the use of movement, music, and visual languages.

Birds Don’t Sing Here… is a performance about war and parting with loved ones; encounters and losses lived by men and women. Personal histories are translated into the movement of actors, each living the life of someone who has been affected by the war.

About You is the theater’s dance show that premiered in February 2018—an attempt at engaging the audience in a dialogue through rock compositions touching on love and death, loneliness and society, the struggle of light and darkness within the human soul.


Free admission with advance registration.

Shows are accessible to hearing, deaf, and hard of hearing visitors.

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