Museum Night at Garage

18 May 2019


To mark the annual Museum Night taking place across the city, Garage has designed a program of special events. All guests will get entry tickets at a discounted price and will have the opportunity to join free guided tours of Pavel Pepperstein’s exhibition The Human as a Frame for the Landscape and Rasheed Araeen. A Retrospective. Visitors are also welcome to see Garage Archive—the world’s largest collection documenting the history of contemporary Russian art which currently holds over five hundred thousand items.

From 19:00 to 22:00 on Saturday, the Museum visitors are able to purchase two tickets for the price of one and join one of the free guided tours. The Museum’s guides will explain the ongoing exhibition projects, helping to make contemporary art more accessible to the viewer. The participants will learn new facts about Pavel Pepperstein’s practice at his solo show The Human as a Frame for the Landscape via exploring the myths, universes, languages, cities, and political projects invented by the artist in the period spanning from the 1970s until today. They will also have the chance to visit the first Russian retrospective of the British artist Rasheed Araeen, acquire an understanding of the diverse stages of his career, and discuss the role of art in the fight for justice.  

Museum Night guests are also welcome to take a tour in Russian Sign Language that is going to be translated into Russian or engage in an experimental excursion allowing participants to investigate the limits of perception. Also on the program is a guided tour for blind and partially sighted visitors that will include audio description of works using tactile models.  

The staff of the Museum’s Research department will deliver free tours around Garage Archive explaining what kind of unusual materials an archivist can deal with in a museum, why art museums document contemporaneity, and what makes this type of fund different from the rest. Each speaker will share peculiar details about records documenting the life and practice of famous artists and the most fascinating side of their work with various collections.

how to take part

Special promotion—two tickets for the price of one.
Free admission of the guided tours with advance registration.

Pavel Pepperstein. The Human as a Frame for the Landscape is open to visitors aged 18+.

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