Museum at Home: A Masterclass by the Gulag History Museum


From 28 June 2022




Garage Auditorium
Museum at Home: A Masterclass by the Gulag History MuseumMuseum at Home: A Masterclass by the Gulag History Museum


Those who do not know their past have no future, which is why it is so important to learn your family history. Anyone can create their own “museum at home” using everyday objects. Many people keep sentimental things that convey important intonations of the past to their descendants. A great-grandfather's pipe with the smell of tarry tobacco; a photo with an inscription by grandma; stamps that dad collected as a child—such objects can tell a whole story and introduce us to our family’s everyday life in the twentieth century.

Museum at Home masterclass participants will learn how to create their own museum at home, including how to fill it with captivating stories about joyful or dramatic events.

Masterclass leader Konstantin Andreev, head of the Gulag History Museum education center, will explain what forms can be chosen for working with family history in a home museum and how to “revive” objects and documents and make them speak not only to us but also to the following generations.

The masterclass is part of the project Silence.


Konstantin Andreev is head of the education center at the Gulag History Museum. He is a teacher and author, writing on subjects such as education, family history, and museum pedagogics. He is has won a number of Russian pedagogical competitions. His research focuses on local history, including the history of his own family and of the building where the Gulag History Museum is located.


Free admission with advance registration.