Meeting with Olga Kroytor


From 3 August 2016




West Gallery
Meeting with Olga KroytorMeeting with Olga Kroytor


Andrey Kovalev’s cycle of artist talks continues with a meeting with Moscow born and based artist Olga Kroytor, who represents the young generation of Russian performance art. 

Olga Kroytor (b. 1986) studied at the “Open Workshops” at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art; she is a graduate of the Graphic Art department of the Moscow Pedagogical State University (2008) and of the Institute of Contemporary Art Moscow (2009). Participant of multiple group exhibitions and initiator of her own projects, Kroytor is best known for her performative gestures which draw on the century-old tradition of the medium, taking into account the socio-political and aesthetic conditions of present day Russia. In 2015, she won the Kandinsky Prize in the “Best Young Artist. Project of the Year” category for her performance The Fulcrum, during which she stood on top of a four-meter high wooden column for several hours. This elegant, yet physically intense piece is a metaphor for the search for a base, or core, that any thinking person is looking for, since their position in the contemporary world is often unstable, risky or even dangerous. As well as performance, Kroytor does installations, painting, drawings and collages, as well as photography and film.