Meet German Graphic Designer Yana Frank


From 28 May 2013


Garage Education Center
Meet German Graphic Designer Yana FrankMeet German Graphic Designer Yana Frank


Yana Frank is a renowned illustrator, blogger and the author of such titles as Muse: Where are Your Wings?, Diary of a Maniac Designer, The Secret Knowledge of Commercial Illustrators, The Muse and the Beast, 365 Days of a Very Creative Person, 12 Seasons, Levolapik’s Year of Life or A Diary for the Left-Handed.

Join us for this session, where Frank will discuss her life, career, and how she has balanced her busy creative workload with family life. The author’s book Muse: Where are Your Wings (published by Mann, Ivanov and Ferber), will also be presented.

The event is held in collaboration with Mann, Ivanov and Ferber publishing house.

Yana Frank (known online as Miu Mau) was born in 1972 in Dushanbe, USSR into a family of graphic artists. In 1990, she moved to Berlin, where she worked as a graphic designer and was later appointed Creative Director of a large design firm. After suffering from a serious illness in 2003, she decided to form her own approach to managing the creative process as a working mother - redistributing her time, skills and energy. Today, Frank focuses on the things that are most important to her, and in addition to writing books about her career, she spends her time teaching, creating works of art and illustrating for fashion magazines.