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Meditation for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Visitors

Paweł Althamer. Silence
6 June – 28 August 2021


Garage invites deaf and hard of hearing visitors to take part in meditation sessions, organized as part of Polish artist Paweł Althamer’s Silence project.

Inside the Meditation Garden on Garage Square next to the Museum, deaf and hard of hearing visitors will be able to join adapted meditations and spiritual-bodily practices, and with their help, slow down and feel differently about being in a big city.

The event schedule will be published closer to the launch of the project.


Anastasia Kozhemyakina is a hard of hearing person, yoga instructor, and energy therapist. She completed the training program for hatha yoga instructors at the Yoga Federation (2014) and has been teaching since 2015.


Admission is free with advance registration.
Please note that the sessions will be conducted in Russian Sign Language.

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