Made in Russia 1: Film screening

Made in Russia 1: Film screeningMade in Russia 1: Film screening


The first program in the shnit 2021 national competition features Russian shorts in a variety of genres and styles, including an animation on female sexuality (Aleksey Sukhov), a body horror on home violence (Katya Skakun), and a Dardennes-esque coming-of-age drama (Mikhail Davydov).

Saturday, October 23

18:00–19:40Garage Auditorium

Bum Bro

Music video maker and Central Saint Martins graduate Pyotr Timofeev presents a drift around recognizable Moscow locations to a soundtrack by the Russian rap band Krovostok featuring the rising star Anton Rogachev (Heavenly Team) as a lead. A young rapper samples voices of homeless persons to turn them into music. After one of his walks, he comes up with an original idea.

Bum Bro
Director Pyotr Timofeev
Russia, 2021. 15 min. 18+

The Sea is Waving

In the bleak Dardennes-esque coming-of-age drama by the Piligrim platform curator Mikhail Davydov, a girl named Sasha works as a night vendor in a food store and practices boxing. Her grandmother thinks that Sasha is wasting her life, but Sasha dreams of saving money to travel to Cuba, which reminds her of her mother.

The Sea is Waving
Director Mikhail Davydov
Russia, 2021. 20 min. 18+


An absurd animation about a lizard waitress grows into a Grand-Guignol horror with dismemberment and a dreamlike phantasy about female sexuality.

Director Aleksey Sukhov
Russia, 2020. 12 min. 18+


An adaptation of Evgenia Nekrasova’s short story, Lakshmi follows a housewife who needs another pair of hands to take care of her two kids, mend clothes, and cook for her abusive husband. The story of home violence in the depressive patriarchal Russian setting gets a surprising development with body horror elements and suspense-filled single-frame shots. 

Director Katya Skakun
Russia, 2020. 22 min. 18+

The Hero

A sketch starring Georgy Dobrygin presents a revisionist view of the 19th-century duel in the style of Albert Serra and with a fair share of black humor, body waste, and mockery of masculinity.

The Hero
Director Sonya Raysman
Russia, 2021. 7 min. 16+


Standard: 400 RUB


Tickets for seniors, veterans, large families, under 18s, and visitors with disabilities (with one carer): 200 RUB*

Films will be shown in original language with Russian subtitles.
Screening accessible for the deaf and hard of hearing.

*Please bring proof of eligibility