You can find the new visit rules via this link. To visit the exhibitions you must buy a timed ticket online in advance.

Look, this is a Museum! What’s going on during exhibition breaks, or how the museum space is organized


There is always a reason to go to a museum. Even if nothing’s on, you can carefully and thoughtfully investigate the building itself, paying attention to its architectural values.

In March 2021, Garage invites junior schoolchildren and their parents to explore the Museum during the exhibition change-over period and find a lot of new, previously unknown things in its space. Drawing on two fundamental fine arts categories—color and texture—participants, together with Garage educator Viktoria Scherbenko, will learn how exciting, inspiring, and vibrant a contemporary art museum, its architecture and non-exhibition spaces—such as Cafe, Bookshop and, of course, corridors and corners—can be!


Free with advance registration.

Children of 8–12 years old and their parents are welcome to participate.

Personal protective equipment (masks and gloves) must be used at the event.

The event is accessible to blind and visually impaired visitors, deaf and hard of hearing visitors, and visitors with a learning disability.

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