Living the Archive: Contemporary Reconstructions of the Music and Sound Environment of the 1920s. A lecture by Konstantin Dudakov-Kashuro

The 5th Garage International Conference. The Archive: Savior, Inventor, Witness
14 October 2017


Konstantin Dudakov-Kashuro will talk about contemporary reconstructions of early Revolutionary music and experiments in adapting the structure of the orchestra for the era of communist equality.

Recreating works, projects, and techniques of the historical avant-garde shows their relevance to contemporary culture. This approach does not derive from nostalgia or a return to the aesthetics, programs, and utopias of the twentieth century. By transferring elements of the avant-garde into the present, we obtain new and previously impossible aesthetic structures and forms, which can no longer be categorized as neo- or retro-avant-garde or postmodernist. In this case, archive research becomes an important part of artistic practice.



Konstantin Dudakov-Kashuro lives and works in Moscow. He is an expert in the theory and history of the Western European avant-garde, who has conducted research and curated exhibitions on early Soviet noise culture. He is a noise archaeologist and a co-author of the music and theater production Reconstructing Utopia (2012). He is an associate professor at Moscow State University, a lecturer at the Russian State University of the Humanities, and a researcher at the Modern and Contemporary Art Department of the State Institute for Art Studies. He is a recipient of the Sergey Kuryokhin Prize (as part of a group of authors, 2014).


Free admission with advance registration.

The talk is part of the sixth session of the conference.


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