Live Podcast Recording. Blitz and Chips: Kulturträgers. Opinion Leaders vs Algorithms

22 February 2019


Why is a human DJ better than a Spotify playlist and a shop assistant more helpful than Amazon’s recommendations? Blitz and Chips' guests will discuss how we can reclaim the domain of cultural consumption from robots and why we should still trust humans.

Today every person produces and consumes content. We are all curators when it comes to our social network accounts at least. This is why Garage will host a live recording of Blitz and Chips podcast devoted to choice and kulturträgers in the twenty-first century.

Launched by Grisha Prorokov in 2015, Blitz and Chips explores pop culture and contemporary life. In this episode, he looks at why cultural institutes and leaders are being replaced by algorithms and whether we can trust the latter. Machines decide what song we will play next, which item we should buy and even what series Netflix should produce to satisfy its viewers. Prorokov suspects that algorithms limit our choice in the interest of algorithm producers and cultural corporations.

Discussing these questions with him will be music editor picking live acts for the Russian late-night TV show Evening Urgant, Sergey Mudrik; co-founder at Chook & Geek comic book store and Comic Books convener at HSE Art and Design School, Vasily Kistyakovsky, and HSE lecturer in Creative Writing, Dmitry Vesnin. Together, they will try to figure out whether the future belongs to humans or robots.

how to take part

Free admission with advance registration.

Please note that the event will be in Russian with no interpretation into English.


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