Live action role-play game Sekretaires


A role-play game is a transgressive experience of slipping into an alternative reality. It is a transition to another register of relations with one’s body, self-consciousness, tactile world, and fiction constructs, as well as with playing partners.

Each participant gets a role and agrees to follow the rules. Typically, the gameplay process includes conversations with other players and movement around the space. Preparation or special skills are not required.

A character may have a goal but its achievement is not their main task, since the essence of role-play games usually implies living a segment of the protagonist’s life, immersing into a temporary fiction reality, and creating a story composed of actions and experiences of all players.

Sekretaires is a game about objects in a Soviet apartment.

It’s been clatter and chatter for many years here. And then people cooked a lot of Russian salad, called friends, laughed, sang, cried, and closed the door.


Things remain here.

This game has no winners or losers, but it implies immersion into the quiet life of objects, full of whispers of memories, untold hopes, and threads of relationships between the things and those who owned them.

The core of any role-play game is a “sekretik” (secret) which can only be reached via immersion. We invite you to do so. And be a box. Be a mincing-machine. Be a rug. Be a photograph. Be metallic. Be textile. Be shabby. Be useful. Be touched. Be.

The game will be recorded on camera.



Asya Volodina (b. 1983, Moscow) is a game designer, artist, and playwright. She has presented games at various locations, including Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, Khodynka Gallery, Bonniers Konsthall (Stockholm), and Bard Graduate Center (New York). She worked as co-author with the team from V-A-C Foundation and since 2015 has continued to work with the artist Arseny Zhilyaev. She co-wrote the immersive play Normansk (Meyerhold Center, Moscow, 2014.). She lives and works in Moscow.


Number of participants varies from 7 to 15 participants.

Registration required.