Lisokot. Somewhere Over the Rainbow and the Rain


From 28 June 2018




West Gallery
Lisokot. Somewhere Over the Rainbow and the RainLisokot. Somewhere Over the Rainbow and the Rain


The second evening in the Voice as a Strategy series is devoted to the Soviet song legacy and its traces in contemporary culture. The guest of the evening is the artist and singer Lisokot.

Lisokot’s performances can be described as prepared improvisation and the artist’s voice is her only instrument. In her performances Lisokot often revisits and deconstructs the Soviet song legacy, giving Soviet songs a new form and a new sound. Working with light, props, costumes and masks, childhood memories and experiences, as well as historical episodes, Lisokot creates strange and fascinating performances that invite the listener on an exciting adventure.

After a forty-minute performance, Lisokot will discuss her work with other guests of the evening: writer, poet and philologist Psoy Korolenko, cultural manager Maksim Krekotnev, and Garage curator Valentin Diaconov.


Lisokot (Vera Pavlova, b. 1987, Moscow) is a singer, artist, poet and composer, author of numerous musical performances across the world. She studied Industrial Design at Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry and received training at V. Loktev Song and Dance Ensemble. In 2010, she founded the artistic duo Bystrokhodnaya ondatra [High-Speed Muskrat], which later evolved into her solo project Lisokot. She has performed at RomaEuropa (Italy) Outline (Moscow), Arkhstoyaniye (Nikola-Lenivets, Kaluga Oblast) and other festivals, as well as at the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures in Stanford University and in clubs, including Berghain and Funkhaus in Berlin. She is the founder of the pop duo Vladimir Vernadsky and part of the improvisation duo Contenius Z. In December 2016, she released her debut album Tuman [Fog] on the Russian label Aelita Records, and in 2017 recorded Walzerzyklus—a collaboration with Uwe Schmidt (Atom™, Señor Coconut) on the German label Raster.


Free admission with advance registration.