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Library Night 2019 at Garage Library

20 April 2019


As part of the annual all-Russian Library Night, Garage Museum of Contemporary Art invites visitors to the presentation of the Single Copy project dedicated to the medium of the artist’s book. Featured in the event will be artists Lyudmila Baronina, Haim Sokol, and Tatyana Faskhutdinova commissioned by Garage in 2019 to produce artist’s books.

Launched by Garage Library in 2017, Single Copy is an annual project fostering the development of the artist’s book in Russia and the formation of its own artist's book collection. Every year, the library commissions three Russian artists to produce unique works in a single copy edition that become part of the Museum's collection after the current stage of the project is over.

The 2019 participants include Lyudmila Baronina, Haim Sokol and Tatyana Faskhutdinova.

Made using various techniques, Lyudmila Baronina’s book Fjord is a fictional story of an abandoned hotel which exists in real life, in Montenegro.

The handwritten book Vosstanie (Uprising) by Haim Sokol combines the author’s drawings with texts, both written by the artist and taken from archival sources. It tells the story of an uprising which is not specified or described in detail but rather appears as a metaphor of history.

Tatyana Faskhutdinova’s book Den v Derevne (A Day in the Country) is a graphic story based around the artist’s trip to the village of Kucher, located in the Seltinsky Region of the Udmurt Republic, where she experienced the local “village day” holiday.

The artists will display their books and answer visitors’ questions. The presentation will be moderated by Garage’s senior librarian Valery Ledenev.


Lyudmila Baronina (b. 1988, Szczecinek, Poland) studied at the Academy of Art and Industry, Krasnoyarsk State University of Culture and Art, from 2007 to 2013, and received her Master’s Degree in Painting and Drawing at Kuban State University in 2015. She has had solo exhibitions at Typography Center for Contemporary Art (Krasnodar), Zdes na Taganke Gallery (Moscow), and Vladimir Smirnov and Konstantin Sorokin Foundation (Moscow). She is based between Moscow and Krasnodar.

Haim Sokol (b. 1973, Arkhangelsk) graduated from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 1996 and the Institute of Contemporary Art in Moscow in 2007. He is a teacher at Moscow’s Rodchenko Art School and a member of the editorial board at Moscow Art Magazine. He took part in the 3rd Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art (2009), the 1st Kochi-Muziris Biennale in India (2012), and the 2nd Kyiv Biennial (2015) among many other exhibitions. He is a recipient of the Soratnik Prize and is based between Jerusalem and Moscow.

Tatyana Faskhutdinova (b. 1983, Mozhga, Udmurt Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic) graduated from the Institute of Art and Design, Udmurt State University (Izhevsk), in 2012, and completed a course at Sergey Orlov’s Experimental Studio of Contemporary Painting (Izhevsk) in 2010. She has taken part in contemporary art exhibitions and events in Izhevsk, Nizhny Novgorod, and Moscow. She has been part of the CheBeR Group since 2009. She is based in Izhevsk.

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