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Lianozovo: Aesthetics of Periphery. A Lecture by Sabine Hänsgen

Public program Kholin and Sapgir. Manuscripts
10 June 2017


On June 10, Sabine Hänsgen, German Slavic Studies scholar, translator, and researcher specializing in the history of Russian art and literature, will speak on the history of relations between Soviet unofficial artists and underground poets, deriving from her own memories of meeting Igor Kholin and Genrikh Sapgir.

Hänsgen, a leading foreign specialist in Russian culture of the second half of the twentieth century will speak to GARAGE visitors about the key representatives of the underground art scene in the USSR and in particular of the so-called Lianozovo group and its members. The lecture will cover such themes as aesthetical qualities of avant-garde poetry; complicated relations between the members of unofficial artistic groups within and outside communities (such as the Soviet state); and the formation of Soviet art in “barracks”.

The exhibition Kholin and Sapgir. Manuscripts features a rare video interview with the poet Igor Kholin, recorded by Sabine Hänsgen, alongside audio recordings of the author’s poetry readings, made specially for Sabine Hänsgen’s book Lianosowo. Gedichte und Bilder aus Moskau (1992).


Sabine Hänsgen (b.1955) — Doctor of Philology, Master of Arts, has acquired her degree in Slavonic Studies, History and History of Art from Ruhr-Universität (Bochum, Germany). In 1982–1983 she studied at Pushkin State Russian Language Institute (Moscow), in 1984–1985 at The All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography (Moscow). Since 1983, Hänsgen has led research projects and lectured at universities in Berlin, Basel, Bielefeld, Bochum, Bremen, and Cologne. Since 1984, she has worked as a curator, translator, and editor of publications on history of Soviet unofficial art and Moscow Conceptualism. In 1984 she joined Collective Actions group. Since 2014, she has acted as a part of the University of Zurich research collective “Performance in Eastern Europe (1950-1990)”. In 2012, she received Igor Zabel Award for Culture and Theory.

how to take part

Free admission upon registration

The lecture will be given in Russian and no translation to English will be available.

The lecture will be adapted for visitors with hearing difficulties and accompanied with a translation to Russian sign language.


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