Lessons in World Artistic Culture Podcast


Lessons in World Artistic Culture is a podcast about contemporary non-fiction from the Publishing Department at Garage. Each episode looks at subjects that would be unlikely to find a place in the school program, but which could comprise an alternative World Artistic Culture course.

What if we were to look at female images of early Soviet art using feministic optics? Why were Soviet citizens interested in the abominable snowman, telekinesis, and UFOs? How did Eisenstein manage to shoot art house cinema under a totalitarian regime and why do we need Pushkin in the twenty-first century? The presenters are lecturer, editor, and researcher into gender and historical trauma Katya Suverina and art critic, researcher, and artist’s books specialist Valeriy Ledenev. Together with the authors they discuss texts published by Garage.

In the first season, the presenters discuss the role of women in the USSR and modern Russia with Nadezhda Plungian, avant-garde cinematography with Naum Kleiman, modernist architecture with Anna Bronovitskaya and Nikolay Malinin, the creation of museum collections with Katarina Lopatkina, and the «Soviet incredible» with Alexey Konakov.

The podcast is recorded in Russian. 

Project team
Presenters: Valeriy Ledenev, Katya Suverina
Producers: Zhenya Kuptsova, Marina Romanova
Composer and sound director: Yura Todorov
Cover designer: Nikita Mikhin