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Lecture cycle: The Art of the Present. Current Strategies and Practices in Art

15 April – 17 June 2019


The new public program of lectures initiated by Garage Museum of Contemporary Art (Moscow) focuses on the study of current artistic strategies aimed at extending the borders of the aesthetics and efficient transformation of the everyday environment.

Grouped into several blocks, the lectures will embrace the most sought after art practices, including archiving and institutionalization of art, participatory and DIY initiatives. Guest experts will share their experiences and observations of introducing such strategies into projects of diverse scales, concentrating on self-organized festivals and institutions, various formats of activist art and new media art, street art practices, and novel interpretations of the notions of meaning and the viewer’s perception.

Contemporary artists and independent curators more and more often take on the functions of large institutions thus creating new dynamic structures—experimental projects and creative spaces, noncommercial galleries, publishing houses, and festivals. Flexibility and openness inherent in these networks allow for the setup of unique venues attractive for artists and vigilant spectators due to the celebration of intense artistic life and creative self-expression.

The opening lecture block is dedicated to diverse formats of artistic activity, including independent curatorial strategies, art activism, and DIY projects that will be analyzed using the example of Russian activist art, marginal initiatives and public art, self-organized creative projects and forms of institutionalized street art. A number of lectures will touch upon the topic of future art, in particular the science&art projects and practices that open up new territories in the field of art perception. The series will conclude with several meetings based around the School of Engaged Art (St. Petersburg) and its projects.

The lecture course features many guest experts from across the country: curator and researcher Dmitry Bulatov (Kaliningrad); curator, St. Petersburg’s pioneering DIY initiatives promoter Irina Aktuganova (St. Petersburg); LABORATORIA Art&Science Space founder and director Darya Parhomenko (Moscow); activist art researcher Tatyana Volkova (Moscow); art historian, archivist, and curator Anastasia Kotyleva (St. Petersburg); independent curator Liza Matveeva (St. Petersburg); researcher and curator Igor Ponosov (Moscow); artist and curator Artyom Filatov (Nizhny Novgorod), and others.


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