Lecture cycle Contemporary Art: Current Approaches

March–November 2021 19:30 – 21:00
New Holland
Lecture cycle <i>Contemporary Art: Current Approaches</i>Lecture cycle <i>Contemporary Art: Current Approaches</i>


The third joint lecture cycle by Garage and New Holland Island brings together artists, curators, critics, and scholars who will discuss twenty-first-century art, its evolution over time, and the formats, conceptual approaches, and methodologies operating today.

It has now over fifty years since the emergence of contemporary art. Today, the logic of its history is increasingly abandoning modernist linearity, which explained the diversity of phenomena by a consistent gradual change in artistic movements. The eclectic picture of contemporary art at its “focal points” is complemented by the peripheral polyphony of differences, calling for a horizontal history of art rather than that which was written in the West. The vertical, Eurocentric history of art is being replaced by a horizontal, global one. The variety of intellectual sources and critical approaches allows current agendas and various research optics to be addressed. 

Science fiction and speculative geography, big narratives and slow activism, the underside of psychoanalysis and nonhuman agents: these and other intellectual and artistic horizons will be presented and discussed during this new lecture cycle as part of New Holland Island’s Lecture Hall program of educational events.

The cycle has been prepared by Ekaterina Lazareva, candidate of art history and curator at Garage Museum of Contemporary Art.


Free admission with advance registration on www.newhollandsp.ru


A lecture by Nikolay Smirnov: Geo-fictions and Geo-stitions: Spatio-Apocalyptic Imaginaries on the Eastern Edge of Eurasia

Geographer, curator, and artist Nikolay Smirnov employs his scientific experience as a starting point for artistic projects that can be defined through the concept of speculative geography, whereby geographic spaces are perceived through the prism of global cultural and civilizational processes as well as in the perspective of their historical and utopian timeline. In the opening lecture of the third joint series by Garage and New Holland, Nikolay Smirnov will, for the first time, introduce the Russian version of his essay-exhibition Geo-fictions and Geo-stitions: Spatio-Apocalyptic Imaginaries on the Eastern Edge of Eurasia that took place at the Para Site residency (Hong Kong) in 2020. Among other things, he will speak about the speculative space-time of the Old Believers, the pioneering colonizers of Siberia who subsequently flooded Hong Kong in the 1950–1970s on their way from communist China to other countries. He will also discuss the fictions of a future war, the apocalyptic sensibility of modern-day Hong Kong, the phenomenon of insular imagination, and the very concepts of geo-fiction and geo-stition, which are both the author’s theoretical tools used to develop the project and the products thereof.

About the lecturer 

Nikolay Smirnov (b. 1982) is an artist, geographer, curator, and researcher. He works with spatial practices and the representation of space in art, science, and everyday life. Curator of the projects Metageography, together with Dmitry Zamyatin and Kirill Svetlyakov, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow; Zarya Center of Contemporary Art, Vladivostok (2015) and Permafrost, Arctic Biennale of ContemporaryArt, Yakutsk (2016), Smirnov was nominated for the Innovation Prize in 2016. Author of a number of academic papers published in Khudozhestvenny Zhurnal, Raznoglasiya, CEM (Center of Experimental Museology), Urban Studies and Practices, e-flux journal. In 2018 he was awarded the Pernod Ricard Fellowship as part of the Villa Vassilieff residency.

Monday, March 1
19:30 – 21:00
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