Lecture cycle: Art on Paper. Fruitful Meetings. Joint lecture course by Garage and Gazprombank

21 Apr 202102 Jul 2021
Wednesdays, 19:30–21:00
Garage Auditorium
Lecture cycle: Art on Paper. Fruitful Meetings. Joint lecture course by Garage and GazprombankLecture cycle: Art on Paper. Fruitful Meetings. Joint lecture course by Garage and Gazprombank


A guide to a segment of the art market that is affordable and impressive in terms of content. Practical advice on the selection, acquisition, conservation, and hanging of artworks based on the experience of a collector, an artist, organizers of an online auction and a contemporary art fair, and a restorer and conservator at Garage.

The launch of the course is timed to fall between two key events, Art-Space-Hopping Festival and Vkus Bumagi Print Market. It is not difficult to start collecting art on paper or buying it as a gift, as artists are happy to meet new connoisseurs and are open to dialogue. The increased interest in art on paper during the pandemic was driven by a number of factors, including its affordability and the wide range of artists to choose from, plus diverse formats and portability. This joint lecture course by Garage and Gazprombank, the Museum’s partner since December 2020, will help participants develop a better understanding of the nuances of art on paper and acquire the basic skills required of an art hunter.

Art on paper (prints and drawings) is one of the most democratic and rapidly growing areas of contemporary art and collecting in Russia. Each copy from the artist’s limited edition is a completely developed artwork. All copies within the edition are created by the artist (or with their direct participation) and are signed and numbered. When purchasing a limited edition artwork, the buyer is issued a certificate of authenticity by the artist or gallery.

The course also covers drawings and unique prints.




Free admission with advance registration.
All lectures are broadcast on Garage YouTube channel and will be available as recordings.

Lectures are accessible to deaf and hard of hearing visitors and will be interpreted into Russian Sign Language at the event.


Collecting Works on Paper: Temptations, Delights, Dangers

One of the most renowned connoisseurs and collectors of works on paper, Sergey Podstanitsky will reveal the specific nature of the artworks’ visual structure, set out his own path in collecting, and show some of his latest acquisitions.


Sergey Podstanitsky is an art historian, collector, and curator. Author of the books Portrait Miniatures from Private Collections, The History of Russia in Portraits, SEPHEROT Foundation (Liechtenstein): Russian Portrait Miniatures of the Late 17th–19th Century. Collection Catalogue, Chamber Portraits of the 17th–Early 20th Century: The Collection of A. Rudentsov, and others. Curator of several exhibitions at the Mouravueff-Apostol House Museum (Moscow), including Works on Paper by A. Orlovsky from Private Collections, Ivan Fomin: From Art Nouveau to Neo-Classicism, and Napoleon: Life and Destiny.


Wednesday, April 21
Garage Auditorium
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