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Lecture by Katja Karling: The Hygge Art of Life. Decorating A Home in Scandinavian Style

13 December 2018


Stockholm based designer Katja Karling will deliver a lecture as part of Garage Museum of Contemporary Art’s partner program with UNIQLO, where she will describe her own exploration of Scandinavian style and the acquired experience that is possible to implement in the Russian environment.

The audience will learn how to improve one’s home based on a plethora of successful interior solutions demonstrated by the speaker and will get answers to some of the most crucial questions dealing with interior design. Katja will provide a detailed look at the secrets of cozy Scandinavian homes, reveal how to use space efficiently in a flat, discuss embracing the spirit of the Hygge lifestyle with one’s own hands, and will pay special attention to Scandinavian Christmas trends and traditions.



Katja Karling is interior designer, creative director of her own, Stockholm based design studio MONOGRAM. An expert in the field of Scandinavian interior design and author of publications in many professional journals, she works on a number of projects in Europe and Russia, while also delivering various visiting events, including lectures and workshops spanning a wide audience from designers to amateur lovers of Scandinavian interiors. Partners and curators of Katja’s sessions include IKEA, Ernst&Young, FinnAir, Scandinavian Club, IDS (International Design School), LUMAS Gallery, Tsiferblat, etc. As an expert in Scandinavian style, she writes for many periodicals, including Afisha MIR, Afisha Daily, Gastronom, Heim, Home & Family, VisitStockholm, Allworkshops.ru, and Houzz.ru. Katja lives and works in Sweden.



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