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Laboratory: A Throw of the Dice

26–27 January 2019


This two-day laboratory will become a platform for studying language as a gestural form. The participants will learn about modern sign languages, various communication systems and signs, as well as performative practices involving choreography and plastic arts.

As a poet and artist Marcel Broodthaers explored the convergence and divergence of language and image. The Belgian conceptualist often hinted at the idea—borrowed from the French symbolists, Dadaists and surrealists and significantly reconsidered— that, without meaning, words would become empty forms. The most radical antagonists of the European civilization, the Dadaists, for instance, wished to destroy the word as its basis and the centerpiece of linguistic systems. The surrealists, meanwhile, invented new semantic meanings for existent words aiming to “free the language from useless meanings”.

Like language, plastic arts practices bear a communicative function and face similar problems and questions. Is it possible to develop a system of universal signs? How does the gestural nature of signs depend on words and their meanings? Is there a chance to synthesize diverse choreographic and performative canons, and to express the unspeakable via movement? And after all, which particular gesture is encrypted in the “throw of the dice”? The group will try to tackle these and other issues while creating performances-reflections.


Simona Tomoshevskaya is a film and theater director, stage and costume designer, and researcher and theorist of contemporary choreography and stage movement. Graduate of Andrey Eshpay’s workshop at Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (VGIK).

Katrin Reshetnikova is the author of performances and a sound artist. Graduate of Gerasimov Institute of Cinematography (Sound Direction Department) and University of the Arts London (MA Performance Design and Practice), in her works she investigates the theatricality of sound and its interdependence with body, space, and movement. 


The creative laboratory A Throw of the Dice has been designed for people interested in sign languages with experience in any of the following art practices: performance, dance, visual art, or music. Participants will create and present an original performance as a result of the lab.

To take part in the laboratory, applicants will compete in an open call by submitting a motivation letter of 1500 words maximum and a CV (portfolio) to (Subject: Laboratory) before January 21. The results of the competition will be announced on January 22.

CV’s and motivation letters are accepted in .doc/.docx format, with the candidate’s name in the name of the file, as in the examples below:


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