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LAB: Futuristic Laboratory. A lecture by Vladimir Kuznetsov

IAM. Episode I. Laboratory
9 June 2018


Founder and head of the FABLAB digital production laboratory at NITU “MISA” Vladimir Kuznetsov will describe the possibilities provided by today’s cutting edge digital technologies, as well as the perspectives they open up in the near future.

The world we know and live in is based on the breakthrough advancements of the industrial revolution, where fossil carbons are the main fuel, while the key achievements remain the interrelated mass production and consumption. Today, we find ourselves within a new technological revolution—the digital one. By depriving carbons of their value, it blurs the boundaries between data and matter, meaning a brave new world is rapidly approaching.


Vladimir Kuznetsov is a researcher and developer in the field of individual digital production, Doctor of Sciences, docent at NITU “MISA”, head of the master’s program “Digital production technologies and materials”, and producer of the Maker Faire Moscow festival.


Free admission with advance registration


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